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Here at Joseph Volkswagen of Cincinnati, we are proud to deliver reliable, informative, and friendly service to our guests. We also boast the largest inventory of Volkswagen Beetle models in the United States. The iconic car has long been a fan favorite, instantly recognizable due to its rounded shape and friendly front-end design. The beloved vehicle is nearly a decade shy of turning 100, but unfortunately, it will be discontinued as of 2019.

The VW Beetle was designed in the 1930s to be practical, efficient, and affordable, but it’s known mostly for its popularity and prominence in the 1960s when it earned the nickname by which it’s most commonly known — the “Bug.” This is not the first time the Beetle has stopped production. Germany stopped shelling out the vehicle in the 70s, but the “Bug” made its reappearance in 1998 as a vintage novelty, built upon on the same platform as the Volkswagen Golf.

Now, as a response to declining sales numbers, Volkswagen will be phasing out the beloved car. There will be two limited models of the Volkswagen Beetle before it leaves the market for good in 2019. VW is producing the Final Edition SE and the Final Edition SEL as one last hurrah before the Bug leaves the production line for good. Whether you want one of these Final Edition models or an older model, we have something for every VW Beetle fan in our inventory.

So whether you love Bugs or you’ve never owned a VW Beetle before, 2019 is your last chance to get your hands on this historic vehicle. You’ll have access to a wide, diverse range of models, trims, colors, and features right here at Joseph Volkswagen of Cincinnati, up to and including convertible models, so stop by before it’s too late.

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